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    This site is a hub for all things Hadiatu Dumbuya. For those of you that don’t know me you can learn more about my background in the About Section but long and short you came to the right place to learn how you can make a positive impact on your life and on others’ lives.

    I would like to use this page to inform you of the journey we will take together through entrepreneurship, travel, health and wellness, and giving back through community service and mentorship. For years I had looked for a site that could encompass and embody everything I was looking for so I decided to create it myself. I’m excited for you to be opened up to my organized yet chaotic world and I look forward to helping you grow as a humanitarian, entrepreneur, and all around change-agent.

So.. Who's Hadiatu Dumbuya ?

In a nutshell I'm a publicist for retired athletes that has become a Global Change Agent. Taking them from ball to businessmen, I travel around the world as an influencer and ambassador for change.

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Are you looking for someone to come speak at your school, corporation or event? If so Hadiatu has a broad range of topics that she can expound on.
Maximize and Monetize your network with HDC Management
HDC Management stands for Highly Devoted/Dedicated Consultants 

  We push our clients to expand their minds through personal development and leadership trainings so that greatness will always be attracted to them.

 Needs a sports publicist? We'll have you taken care of.

From zero to hero as it pertains to business and mindset. Monthly you can apply to be mentored through this form. 
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