Shower Chronicles

Does Anyone think better in the bathroom??

For some reason when I go to the bathroom in the morning and turn on the shower I get in production mode. I’m not sure if it’s the sound of the water, the steam or the fact that I’m enclosed in a space completely alone lol.

I literally can sit for hours and get so much work done. I’ve found myself turning the shower off a couple of times so I don’t use all the hot water up lol.

I looked online to see if there was a reason behind this and I found that: In fact, the mere sight and sound of water can induce a flood of neurochemicals that promote wellness, increase blood flow to the brain and heart and induce relaxation. Maybe I need to be in a more relaxed state to accomplish more. Maybe I’m just a weirdo. Either way, when it’s time to get something done I learned I need to strip down, turn on the shower and I can get to work.

For anyone that feels the same I found some shower sounds on YouTube that you can put on your headphones to get you into work/grind mode.

Here are the things that I accomplish the most when in the bathroom before showering.

  1. Responding to text

  2. Planning social media post

  3. Writing

  4. Oh yeah and I listen to personal development on my speaker so it’s surround sound too.

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