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Top 6 Sidehustles for 2020 (Corona Virus edition)

During this pandemic people are either losing it or using it. I chose to use this time to develop crafts and expand on the ones I already had. For those that are still trying to figure it out, I’ve created a list of side hustles that my friends or myself have indulged in. Check them all out and see which if any could fit into your life.

  1. Mystery Shopping/ Taking Surveys- a great way to live a pretend life, make extra money and meet new people.

    1. Finding legitimate companies.

    2. Knowing the best practices to get highest paying jobs.

  2. Affiliate Apps- there are many apps that will pay you for simply referring them. You just need to do it in a way that it’s not spammy. Lol. I also have some others that I enjoy but they are specific to industries.

    1. GetUpside (cash back for gas, food and groceries)

    2. Ibotta (cash back for grocery shop)

    3. Robinhood (stocks and investing for beginners, free unless you upgrade)

  3. Food Delivery- in uncertain times when you can’t go out to eat, you can be the answer to everyone’s problems

    1. Door Dash

    2. Uber Eats

  4. Virtual Assistant- helping entrepreneurs and businesses accomplish task virtually. Many jobs are found on websites such as indeed and zip recruiter

    1. Data Entry

    2. Content Creation

    3. Customer Service

  5. Network Marketing- getting paid from referrals of a product or a service. The most important things to pay attention to.

    1. Knowing if a company is legit.

    2. Finding a company with low or no autoship.

    3. Alignment with what you love.

    4. Recession Proof industry.

    5. Finding a good leader.

  6. Mask Making- If you have sewing skills it’s not too late to get your mask making on. This will be a trend that lasts longer than most think and can be profitable. The cost to make a mask is low and you can sell it for 5 times what you spent to make it. With anything extra you can give them as gifts or give it away to non profit organizations and garner attention. Make sure to ask for pics as customers wear it and come up with a cool hashtag that will always be used.

  7. Cooking- Now if you can’t cook, don’t do it lol. But some people love baking and cooking and people are more willing to buy food from friends and family right now more than ever. Create a weekly meal menu that’s easy for you and utilize the strength of Facebook and Instagram stories to help.

If you are interested in learning about one or all of these side hustles feel free to reach out to me so you can learn the process to add one or some of these to your streams of income. Don’t worry because Hadi’s Got You!!!

They say business millionaires have on average 7 streams of income.

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